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Hugh Hansen


   I specialize in the repair and restoration of fine acoustic fretted instruments.  I also offer my own hand made mandolins as they are available.  I've had the privilege of working with some of the greatest instruments ever made, as well as working with some of the very artists whose work inspired my passion for music.

   Prior to owning my own business I worked for the world famous Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, Tennessee.  George Gruhn taught me a great deal about musical instruments, and solidified my appreciation for the skill and wisdom of the early 20th century builders.  I've also been privileged to gain deep insight into the work of many of the masters of the modern era.

   I do my best to incorporate what I’ve learned from the masters into everything I do.  Whether you’re a player, dealer, or collector, I look forward to the opportunity to make your instrument look, sound, and play it’s best.